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MOSS comes with Content Deployment Tool that allows you to deploy content from source server to the destination server. The tool however - from my perspective - has several disadvantages:
- Only export/import content at site level.
- No error trapping. It will stop as soon as it finds an error.
- Very limited deployment options that can be set.

However, it also has its own strengths:
- Integrated with Central Admin UI
- Integrated with Sharepoint Timer Job

There are also other tools that can be used to perform content export/import such as CodePlex - Content Deployment Wizard and STSADM -o import/export command. As with every tool, there are of course advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss them in a separate thread.

SPExportImport is actually an alternative tool that's built in C# and utilising Sharepoint OOTB SPImport and SPExport class. As with general .NET programming, you can pretty much do whatever you want. You can perform logging, error trapping, etc. The current release is in the form of command prompt executable although you can always build your own user interface.

Please download the Developers Guide for more information about the source code and how to use the tool.

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